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Inully-Willow Dormitory. Singapore

Willow Dormitory. Singapore

A liveable worker's dormitory in the western industrial zone.

Built to be pandemic resilient, yet liveable with a lush tropical courtyard interior. This dormitory fundamentally examines the conditions of what a dormitory in one of the world's most liveable city should be.

This project is a dormitory built at Sunview Way, for the workers who are building Facebook's data centre in Singapore. It houses 500 workers, and is designed to be a liveable prototype for worker's dormitories.

The design comes at a time where crowded living conditions lead to quick spread of the pandemic, and it tests out the country's latest regulations and goes beyond. Wide corridors for social interaction, spaced far enough to mitigate disease spread, a well ventilated dormitory room with attached toilets, and semi private spaces for inhabitants with personal desks, wall fans and shelving all help to create living conditions that help to provide comforts of a home away from home.

We see this as an important milestone in our journey to create architecture for people, where inclusive design plays a huge role in our philosophy.

Project Facts

Sector: Residential

Location: Singapore

GFA: 6,000 sqm

Levels: 3

Project Status: Completed

Team Credits

Alfatech Vestasia -  Design and Build

Al+ - Architect

Facebook - Client/Developer

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