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Inully. The Lemniscate. Singapore Digital Valley School of Computing

The Lemniscate. Singapore

Digital Valley School of Computing

A learning environment built for the future, nestled in the conserved forests of the National University of Singapore. Carefully built into the natural terrain while allowing for naturalized drainage. 

Design proposal in collaboration with CIAP and Nikken Sekkei for prestigious NUS Digital Valley development, including a proposed new School of Computing building and The Terrace dining hub.


We named this proposal “The Lemniscate", which refers to a plane curve with a continuous loop. This describes the way the building's functions are connected by a continuous link and integrating with the existing campus. This reinforces our concept of having the academic and research functions cluster around central social spaces to enhance collaboration as well as staff-student interaction.  We envisage collaboration as a key factor for entrepreneurs to build their dreams and that connectivity to different disciplines will drive success, thus we have incorporated spaces that encourage these activities with enhanced views of surrounding nature.


The building terraces accommodate the restaurants, cafes and seating areas which opens to the Tree Conservation Area as well as overlooking the ABC waterway. These spaces overlook the Central Plaza, accessed by elevators or the grand stairs, deliberately designed as a dwell space that can double up as an amphitheatre for outdoor lectures and performances, surrounded by nature. To emphasise the concept of the lemniscate, we see the development as a hub that users will gravitate towards as a place for eating, social interaction and transportation. 

Project Facts

Sector: Campus Building

Location: Singapore

GFA: 9,500 sqm

Levels: 4

Project Type: Competition

Team Credits

CIAP- Lead Architect

Al+Inully - Co-lead Architect.

Nikken Sekkei - Education Planners

Meinhardt - Structural Engineer


ICN  - Landscape Consultant

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