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Inully- RD Sports Facility

RD Sports Facility. Madrid, Spain


Located in the heart of Madrid, Spain. This state-of-the-art facility features two swimming pools, a spa, a Ciclo-indoor studio, and three multi-functional rooms, along with padel courts on the rooftop, outdoor areas for calisthenics enthusiasts, and multiple top-notch changing rooms.

Facilities have been designed to provide comfort and convenience, with high-quality finishes and modern amenities. We believe that the overall experience of our facility is just as important as its sustainability features, which is why we have paid careful attention to every detail,


One of the highlights of this facility is its plaza that opens up to the Madrid Rio promenade. It has been designed as a central hub for interactions, where visitors can gather before and after their workouts, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The plaza is situated in such a way that it seamlessly opens up to the Madrid Rio promenade, creating a sense of continuity and integration with the city. The design of the plaza incorporates sustainable features that blend in with the surrounding environment. The use of greenery, water features, and natural materials create a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city, providing a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


The design of the building has been carefully thought out to maximize natural ventilation and light, with a large roof surface dedicated to solar panels, which allows the building to harness natural resources in an environmentally conscious manner.

We have also designed along with the engineers a rainwater harvesting system that can be reused for several purposes, thus reducing the building's water consumption.

Project Facts

Sector: Sports, Civic

Location: Madrid, Spain

GFA: 6,200 sqm

Levels: 4

Project Type: Competition


Team Credits

Inully - Lead Architect

EPA - Lead Architect

ATOMS - Engineer

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