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Paleotraining Studio Design Guideline

The Paleotraining team approached us with a very exciting brief. They wanted to re-design the look and feel of their studios and needed a Design Guideline for all the ones to come worldwide. We took this challenging job with lots of passion and determination making sure the new studios were places to exercise like no others before.

From the beginning, our main effort was to merge their bespoke sports equipment made out of timber, with new sustainable finishes and technological devices which would bring the experience of exercising to a different level. For us and our client, it was especially important to emphasize the use of local materials, and natural woods and find the best regional plants for each studio. 

Our intention regarding how these studios run is to generate open and interconnected spaces. The user should be able to move from one space to another without the need to open or close doors, with the exception of showers and storage areas.

The reception is accessed through the front door. From there you can either go directly to the workout area or you can go to the changing room. In the premium studios, a pantry area will be located between the entrance and the changing rooms, which will be provided for users to rest and refresh, and also as a training area for talks and courses.

Project Facts

Sector: Sports, Design Guideline

Client: Paleotraining

Year: 2022

Project Type: Commision


Team Credits

Inully - Lead Architect

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