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Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Jurong Gateway, Singapore


Introducing the magnificent Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Jurong Gateway, the premium flagship center of Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, and Babilou Family Singapore. Positioned as a sustainable preschool for the next generation, this extraordinary center prioritizes efficient energy usage. Every aspect, from the thoughtfully planned features to the meticulously designed facilities, has been crafted with the environment in mind.

We've introduced innovative spaces like the Tree House Cocoon and Reading Nest, thoughtfully designed with sustainability at the forefront. Constructed using Accoya, a sustainable high-quality wood, these structures serve as inviting sanctuaries where children can engage in play and dive into the enchanting world of books. Each of these spaces reflects our unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility, providing not just areas for imaginative exploration, but also opportunities for children to forge connections with nature and gain firsthand knowledge about sustainability.

Moreover, the vegetable garden serves as a dynamic outdoor classroom, enriching learning experiences by introducing students to a diverse array of greens and gourds. This garden offers a genuine farm-to-table encounter within the confines of the school day, fostering a deeper understanding of food cultivation and appreciation for nature's bounty.

Project Facts

Sector: Educational

Client: Babilou Family, KiddiwinkieSchoolhouse

Location: Singapore

Levels: 1

Project Type: Commission

Status: Built


Team Credits

Inully and CIAP- Lead Architects

Calvary CarpentryCarpentry

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