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Inully-GEMS World Academy. Singapore

GEMS World Academy. Singapore


In this design integrating the new and old, our proposal is to create a new campus to deliver the brand refresh of an existing school and create a flagship benchmark that can adapt to both current and future market realities. Architectural innovations are proposed to create a distinct identity yet remain sensitive to the existing built fabric. 


As part of the design process, we used an evidence-based design method, using network science to augment the design of the spaces of an institutional project in Singapore. This iterative exchange between creative design and objective assessment is a melding of art and science, and results in a strong identity and connectivity between new and old spaces, and also led to a novel way to prioritize the key spaces in the final project design. The results are surprising even to us, as we find that there is beauty in spaces which are efficiently planned.

Sustainable features like rooftop farming, renewable energy use, pre-fab modular construction, rainwater harvesting, and the use of geo compost bags as a flexible system to construct the sloped vegetated berms reflects Inully's goal to design climatically, towards a low carbon future.


Project Facts

Sector: Education

Location: Singapore

GFA: 10,000 sqm

Levels: 5

Project Type: Shortlist

Year: 2021

Collaborators: CIAP Architects, ARUP Singapore, Bescon

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