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CAIF Sports Hub. Reus, Spain

Introducing the CAIF Sports Facility - an innovative sports hub in Reus that sets a new standard for functionality and sustainability. With 2 swimming pools, a spa, a spacious fitness room, 4 multifunction studios, and an outdoor zone for calisthenics and padel courts on the roof top, this state-of-the-art facility offers visitors a diverse range of fitness options in a single, modern, and eco-friendly location.

The building has been designed with a strong emphasis on sustainability, utilizing a range of green design strategies to maximize natural ventilation and light. To achieve this, the Inully team incorporated a number of features such as keeping the building compact with clear flows and circulation and incorporating a large area for solar panels in the car park area.

The CAIF Sports Facility also prioritizes the use of recycled materials, utilizing prefabricated solutions wherever possible to reduce waste. For example, a significant percentage of the materials used in the building's construction are recycled, while locally sourced ceramic tiles from the region add a unique aesthetic touch to the overall design.

Throughout the facility, a number of green pockets have been incorporated to provide shade and regulate temperature, while also enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. These pockets include a variety of trees and shrubs that help reduce the urban heat island effect and create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for visitors.


The CAIF Sports Facility is more than just a sports complex - it's a shining example of sustainable architecture, showcasing what's possible when functionality, design, and environmental consciousness come together in perfect harmony.

Project Facts

Sector: Sports, Civic

Location: Reus, Spain

GFA: 6,700 sqm

Levels: 3

Project Type: Competition - First Prize


Team Credits

Inully - Lead Architect

EPA - Lead Architect

JG Ingenieros - Engineers

Sports Assistance - Sports Consultants

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